"After my second child was born, I was so tired that I just lived on sugar to keep me going. I got through at least 1kg cornflakes and plenty of bags of sweets a week. I’m lucky in my genes in that I don’t gain weight easily, so for me it wasn’t a question of wanting to lose weight; my motivation was to be there for my two children in a positive way and not be endlessly and needlessly tired. 


I turned to Tamsyn for help, as I knew her to be very knowledgeable about food. She soon helped me kick the sugar dependency and gain more energy than I’d thought possible.


She advised I cut out all processed sugars, as the highs brought about by quick sugary bursts are soon replaced with lows and lethargy, so I’d eat more sweets. I ceremoniously threw away boxes of cornflakes and bags of sweets (much to the chagrin of my sweet-toothed husband…) and decided to start from fresh.


Tamsyn's support was always there and her positive energy and enthusiasm were a great motivator for me. I've now been sugar free for 1 1/2 years!"

— Rachel, Bristol

"I run two businesses, care for my mum and am also studying for a music degree on a full time college course. It is a challenge to find time to buy food yet alone think of healthy recipes to keep us going.

My health was deteriorating and I felt tired and run down constantly due to my poor diet.

Tamsyn identified potential health issues and how to combat these. She has given me a clear plan and lots of motivation. Having someone so fit and full of vitality as a mentor really is spurring me on to lead a healthy life. Small changes are making a big difference and I am excited about the new journey Tamsyn is taking me on."

— Razale, Bideford

"I have been struggling with health issues for a number of years now. I approached Tamsyn as she was recommended by a friend of mine who had been helped hugely by her. 3 months on and I have less anxiety, I am sleeping better, I have more energy than ever, which I need for my demanding job. I feel like my body just functions better, and I am so grateful for all the advice Tamsyn gave me. Her friendly, professional manner makes you feel instantly at ease. It's been the best move for me health-wise, and I am enjoying feeling more 'me'!"

— Andrew, Oxfordshire