• Tamsyn Wood

The (Almost) Healthy Chocolate-Cornflake-with-a-Ginger-Nut-Twist Cake... :)

Now these, you will LOVE! I am always very pleasantly surprised when there are enough left to take a photo with - however in this case, there were approximately 30 to start, so the chocolate crispy cake loot is much depleted here!

These are easy, scrumptious and only a little bit 'bad' ;).


  • 2 bars dark chocolate (I like mine on the bitter tip, so used 85 %)

  • 2 cups spelt flakes (get these in some bigger supermarkets - I bought the 'Rude Health' ones) substitute with cornflakes if you wish

  • 1/2 packet vegan ginger nuts

  • pinch sea salt


  1. Make a bain-marie, and break your chocolate into the bowl to melt - just leave to melt, don't poke!

  2. Meanwhile, put your ginger nuts into a bag and smash hard with a heavy implement - I used my almighty fist. Actually my daughter used a rolling pin, I just wanted to appear strong

  3. When the chocolate is melted, remove from the heat and immediately add the spelt flakes and ginger nut crumbs & pinch of sea salt - stir well.

  4. Place in fridge for as long as you can wait (we didn't let them cool first as we 'had to' try much of the mixture)

  5. However, they are best out of the fridge.

You are welcome...

Peace and happy almost-healthy-chocolate cakes,

Tamsyn xx