• Tamsyn Wood


Gallop like no one is watching, float like you have no control.

Today my boy taught me to float.

It was extremely hard for me as I fought my rigidity and tenseness, as I tried too hard.

‘Just relax, that’s all you need to do mum’, he guides me. I breathe, jump up, ‘but what if a wave comes over my head?’ I say. ‘Well then you just go with it’ he shrugs.

I have always been afraid of the sea, but I have worked hard to overcome this fear since Alex had the accident, and I feel safe now in the sea with my boy at my side. One of the biggest challenges for me was stepping up and owning an adventurous, gung ho side after my husband had his accident. Too controlling, too anxious and too afraid, I let Alex be that person as I buttered sandwiches for everyone from the shore, watching him gallop down to the cold sea like no one was watching and to the kids’ utter delight.

Today, I surrendered, I floated under my boy’s instruction and guidance. Today we abandoned inhibition and i true carefree, we give no F%$KS' style we GALLOPED in front of everybody, laughing our heads off, into the sea.

Today I surrendered, I learned to let go even if you’re afraid of a wave coming.

Gallop like no one is watching, float like you have no control, and you won’t go far wrong!

Peace and floating,

Tamsyn x