• Tamsyn Wood

Running with a 12-year-old...

Updated: Jul 30, 2019

On hands and knees in the kitchen, mopping up dirty dishwasher & washing machine water - I'm at my tether's end. It's the holidays, the BIG one, the 6 week juggle-a-thon that I have a love hate relationship with. On the one hand I love the slightly more relaxed air, but on the other, my routine helps me keep organised & feel in control.

My white goods breaking down have tipped me over the (ever teetering) edge.

I get up, don my lycra, and head into the kitchen for a quick matcha shot (over the sink, in case I projectile vomit it back up), a green juice & a packet of raisins - I've convinced myself they give me a burst of energy & the placebo effect seems to be helping! Then plans abruptly change as I witness a flooded kitchen floor, and the two main 'one of my reasons for being' appliances have broken down.

After pulling them out & further investigation (I won't bore you with the all the details) I decipher it's just the fuses, only the dishwasher seems more complex so I (and the kids) are on washing up duty for the start of the holidays. BIG, FAT HOORAY.

Exercise has become part of my daily routine, and my goodness does it work wonders for your mental & physical well-being. One of my daughter's senses the mood I am in and suggests she comes with me for a run.

And my whole outlook changed.

Running together we giggled, we wheezed, we chatted, I basked in my one-to-one time with my number 3 child, we sprinted up hills and (I) had a few doubled over, puce red faced 'mumma can't do this, you go ahead' moments as Mitzi carries on past with a healthy glow, big smile and an 'I can barely feel this mummy! It's like running on clouds!" IS IT????!!

I don't run often, but I exercise every day in one form or another, even if it's just a walk, or a 10 minute dance session whilst cooking (totally doable).

I know it's a bit clichéd, but honestly, exercise has improved my life endless amounts. I prioritise it and ensure I make time for it. It's not easy to do this, but I know if I don't I'm leaning towards the angry bear mumma rather than the 'everything's BRILLIANT' end of the mumma spectrum.

Run up and down the stairs 10 times, star jump 50 times, walk to school rather than take the car, there are ways to move more - I promise you you will reap the benefits.

May the force be with you this holiday super-carers/ parents/ grandparents... We are all feeling it!

Tamsyn x