• Tamsyn Wood

Quick Vegan Balsamic-vinegar Baked Mushroom 'Burgers'

This is super simple and SO delicious, well, providing you like mushrooms - it'll be revolting to those not fans... ;)

Vitamins and health benefits:

Mushrooms are really important for several reasons - their protein and fibre, for their vitamin content - an important one being those B vitamins. They also contain selenium - a powerful antioxidant and helps support healthy brain function and the immune system.

White button mushrooms are one of the few non-animal sources of vitamin D. When they are grown, whether indoor or outdoor, they are exposed to UV light which increases their concentration of vitamin D. This helps with mood and calcium uptake.

After a busy weekend, celebrations for my husband's 40th and not-so-small amounts of prosecco drunk ;) I felt a quick mushroom lunch would be a good way of an apology to my body for the kettle chip and wine-fest day Saturday...


2 Portobello mushrooms

2 Tablespoons balsamic vinegar

Handful fresh chopped coriander, mint & parsley

Salt & pepper

Tbsp olive oil

1/2 Cup water

2 Slices sourdough toast

Sprinkling of smoked paprika

Miso paste to spread on sourdough toast


Heat the oil and a bit of water in a frying pan on medium heat

Add the mushrooms whole, gill side up

Pour the balsamic vinegar into the gills

Place a lid on the mushrooms, leave them to cook for 10 minutes, topping water if it gets too dry

Remove mushrooms and place on top of miso paste on sourdough

Add salad & fresh herbs

Season well


That's it, 10 minutes away from a healthy filling juicy, GORGEOUS lunch!

Peace and giant juicy mushrooms,

Tamsyn x