• Tamsyn Wood

NEW Product! LOVE the face you're in...!

Your face is important - it is the only one you have (thankfully, as having several faces may look odd), for many months now I have been working on some 100 % natural products & have finally found the most incredible balance of pure essential oils and made a re-juvenating, anti-aging, re-hydrating facial oil! We should feed our skin in the same way we feed our bodies - WELL! But so often we use products riddled with unnatural and chemical ingredients. This one is not, it is made up of 100 % pure essential oils.

I realise you may feel I am biased (and I probably am ;)), but it is absolutely divine! It smells of pretty flowers, it is gentle on the skin (with no nasties) and you only need a little, so it will last for months.

If you would like to order a bottle, click HERE. Or contact me at tamsyn@feedmebeautiful.com for further information.

How it works:

This oil contains 100% natural, pure essential oils: Rosehip oil - which is filled with vitamins, anti-oxidants, fatty acids that hydrate your skin, repair skin & reduce discolouration.

Rose geranium - which is one of the best essential oils for aging. Helps reduce wrinkles, promotes skin healing as it has antibacterial & anti inflammatory properties.

Frankincense - which reduces skin discolouration, increases blood flow making skin smoother.

Helychrysum - which is known for its ability to promote healing; prevents sunburn, skin cancer & treats acne.

Sandalwood - which shrinks pores. We all need a bit of pore shrinkage...

Carrot seed oil - which is an anti-oxidant containing vit E & C which help regenerate skin.

Wholly plant-based, vegan, not tested on cute furry things - phew!

To all my friends - Christmas present spoiler, this is what you are ALL getting!

Peace & happy re-juventated faces

Tamsyn :)