• Tamsyn Wood

Move Through Your Grief

I now prioritise this time, I feel the guilt rapidly disappearing from my ‘I shouldn’t be doing things for myself’ shoulders.

Bobbing up and down in the waves, smiling, my friend beside me, I have come along way from the sea-shy, would NEVER get in the cold water (especially never without a wetsuit), never-get-me-in-the-sea girl. Being in the sea once-a-day for 15 minutes is transforming my life. I allocate this time, I PRIORITISE this time, it is MY time. Not only are there so may purported benefits of cold water swimming, moving in any way is of vast benefit to us.

I have only discovered 'my thing' what I like doing, what brings me the MOST out of a limited schedule time-wise with the maximum time:benefit ratio. And as I now prioritise this time, I feel the guilt rapidly disappearing from my ‘I shouldn’t be doing things for myself’ shoulders.

MOVING is paramount, it aids our mental health and there are so many reasons why exercising is so important. Leading trauma psychiatrist Dr. Bessel Van Der Kolk addresses the issues of immobility in trauma. When we are in an immobilised state, trauma and fear get wedged in our bodies (and our subconscious). We need healthy daily rituals to help encourage that negativity out – he cites physical exercise as one of the most important things we can do to avoid an energetic shutdown.


When we move, we decrease cortisol levels which enables us to respond to stress differently. It will help you to rationalise things more logically and operate from lower levels of ‘stressed to F@*$ brain’!


Moving can be simple, it doesn’t have to be a spin class, an hour’s run, a HIIT workout, a hike up a mountain. It can be anything you want: dance in the kitchen to your favourite tune for 10 minutes, lunge your way to the door (?!), do a relaxing stretching routine (youtube has SO may options). Find YOUR version of moving.

My favourite at the moment is incorporating Sarah Gorman's ‘shake it off’ stress release video. I got in touch with her as I am such a fan of her workouts, and the shake it off carer workout routine she did was just for you! It is perfect.

Keep it simple enough that you will stick to it, the key is – no pressure! Just begin by telling yourself you can do it. Give yourself permission to move everyday and you will create a new, invaluable habit. It takes 30 days to form a new habit – 30 days of daily repetition create new neural-pathways and thus a new positive pattern in your life.

I cannot emphasise strongly enough how much moving/exercising has carried and boosted me. I have tried many different ways of exercising and as a busy single mum and carer to my husband (oh and work!), some days I literally make the evening kitchen-post-cooking-mammoth-clear-up my exercise routine – from frantic mopping to squatting at the sink to tricep dips on the counter a few choice Chesney Hawkes tunes blaring out (!) – get creative, SMILE, enjoy it, don’t put yourself under pressure just commit to 5 minutes a week to begin with if you feel that’s what that you can achieve.

I promise it will have a positive impact on your life.

Happy sweeping-the-floor lunging everyone,


Tamsyn x