• Tamsyn Wood

Esmie Rose, Our Youngest.

She always sits on his lap...

“It’s so he knows I’m there...” 

... Alex’s blindness has come with added challenges for us as a family. Eager to help him in his new sightless world - we’ve attempted all kinds of different sensory things with him. Alex is unaware he can’t see, but the other day as Esmie declares: 

“Daddy, I’m growing!”

He (unprompted) held his hand to feel her (so I believe he knows on some level), in doing so he feels her height and laughs, she looks puzzled and asks why he’s laughing, Alex replies “you’re not growing, you’re tinsy!”... whereupon she hit him with her tinsy hand and told him off for being a horrible dad!

I love these moments, these interactions, these snippets of ‘normality’. 

If you know our youngest Esmie, you know that you never, I mean NEVER, call her tinsy ...