• Tamsyn Wood

Clean eating ... The hot topic

Updated: Dec 15, 2017

So what actually is clean eating?

That, my friends is such a great question! You can assume from the content that this way of eating is not dirty.. So what does non-dirty eating entail then?

It has received a fair amount of controversial attention recently, leading to some of the leaders of this way of eating re-naming themselves- Clean eating Alice has become Alice Liveing and Deliciously Ella, renouncing her association with the phrase altogether. I feel people have maybe taken this to a bit of an extreme, as I err towards liking the phrase. For me it kinda says what it is on the tin! And for those looking for inspiration in eating more healthily, 'cleaning' something up expresses what one must do to eat a healthier diet.

Here are my top tips for non-dirty eating:

  • Eat whole foods

  • Avoid processed foods

  • Eliminate refined sugar

  • Cook your own meals

  • Keep a balanced diet

  • Prepare! Don't get caught out, cook a big batch of the meal you're preparing, freeze/refrigerate it in portion sizes, this works a treat!

Or if you prefer, cut the CRAP!

  • Carbonated Drinks

  • Refined Sugar

  • Artificial Sweeteners and Artificial Colours

  • Processed Foods

Personally, I tend to practice an 80:20 approach. I LOVE eating clean foods yet am happy to have the odd treat, I believe this way of not restricting yourself is a better way of dealing with your diet. We all know that forbidden things are most sought after, so finding a balance is key. However, I do believe that as your taste buds start to 'taste' again (they become very affected after years of habitual processed food/ refined sugar eating) you will naturally crave the good stuff!

For me I count anything that has not been processed, interfered with or had unnatural ingredients added to it as clean. There is a vast ocean out there of foods like this: From meat and fish to vegetables, pulses, dairy, grains and fruit, and everything you can create out of these!

Until next time, feed yourself beautiful folks!