• Tamsyn Wood

An Antidote to Grief and Loss.

Kissing them one-by-one on the head, arousing them from dreams and slumber deep, I breathe this moment into my soul, immersed in its beauty. It’s my favourite time of the day. It’s a constant source of joy that it’s me that wakes them these days! This time 8 years ago they wake us. When we were you and me. Probably having been up many times during the night for them! A beautiful warm day we head off in the afternoon to play in the football field. I captured a moment where they are all mouths agape, looking up to the sky as you belt the rugby ball skyward.

Then night falls, you return after rugby training with a brain injury. In that instant; life as we knew it was decimated.

It has befallen me to overcome and surmount unimaginable pain, unimaginable hurdles and has seen me fall many times.

It’s been eight years Alex. Eight years?!

I drip feed myself particles of joy and gratitude throughout my days. My antidote to drowning in the overwhelming grief of losing you.

I will never be the same again, I will always feel that part of me went when you did too. But I’m ok. I/we surrounded, supported, held, understood, loved by so many. I want to thank all those who play a part in my life, big or small, frequently or not so, for being a part in the holding together of my family. You have no idea how much your involvement has enabled our healing.

Thank you from the very deepest part of our hearts ❤️