About Tamsyn

About Tamsyn

Hiya, I'm Tamsyn and I live in North Devon with my four beautiful souls that I get to be mumma to. 

Life seems to metronome us backwards and forwards, I certainly know the highs and the lows and have struggled to learn how to go with them.

My life changed for the better when I met my husband at 22 years old and a few months later became pregnant with our first of four children. We moved from England to France in 2006, and never looked back - through sweat and tears we eventually were living our dream. 

Then my whole world collapsed.

In 2011, my husband and soul mate suffered a severe traumatic brain injury playing rugby, which resulted in him requiring 24/7 care to this day. Mine, and my children's worlds were utterly shattered. My health took a huge turn for the worse as I struggled to cope with the grief, trauma and being faced with raising our four children alone and looking after my now completely dependent husband. As the trauma and stress took its toll, I realised that I had to look at ways to help myself cope. It took me years to be OK with the concept of looking after myself. Now I find that, having incorporated several ways into my daily routine, I do alright!

That said, I am a single mum of four and carer for my husband - so some days I simply close my eyes, reach for the gin & hope for the best! 

This blog for me has evolved over the years - I wrote 'Anecdotes of a manic mum' for 10 years, and recently felt that incorporating my actual life versus the photoshopped highlight versions on my Instagram page (!) may be of use/interest.

Therefore, 'Feed Me Beautiful' is now that - an all-encompassing mish-mash of my variable mothering skills, vegan cooking trials, living on a budget, with the challenges of being a carer to my husband, Alex, and real-life 'keeping it together' techniques that I utilise. 

My hope is that my readers will feel encouraged, inspired & will find this a useful survival toolkit for living as a carer, for mother-dom & those who have experienced trauma and loss. This is me, in my new world, and despite much heartache, joy and happiness flow often and in many beautiful different forms into my life.

Peace and blessings (and sometimes gin),

Tamsyn x

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